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10 Reasons to Play Sand 2's Volleyball

1. Sand Volleyball is a sanctioned college sport!

2. Every person learns every skill (passing, setting, attacking, serving...).

3. The lower impact on the sand is much friendlier on the joints.

4. No one ever gets subbed out.

5. You get to be outside.

6. Improves interpersonal skills (sand volleyball requires that teammates work cooperatively, and at a fast pace, which translates well to other life situations)

7. Improves tone of muscles (multiple studies show that the body works harder in the sand than on hard court and you burn more calories).

8. Make new friends!

9. You're in charge of your own schedule and you can go play a pickup game at a park any time.

10. Get better faster (with only two players per team the number of contacts per player increases exponentially compared to indoor volleyball.  In an indoor set to 25 points, the average amount of touches per player is 16.  In a beach set to 21 the average amount of touches per player is 46).

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