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Training Opportunities

Lessons and Training Groups

1 on 1 volleyball training ($50/2 hours)

Small group volleyball training (2-6 people, $30/person for 2 hours)

1 on 1 personal training workout session ($30/1 hour, $40/1.5 hours)

For my 1 on 1 personal training, I previously was a certified personal trainer (NASM certified).  I customize my personal training sessions based on my clients' goals.  Areas of focus during personal training sessions include: flexibility, core strength, agility, plyometrics, strength training, and shoulder strength/rehab.

Juniors Programs

Midwest Sand Volleyball will again be running a Junior's Sand 2's program at Fitz's Bar and Grill from June 11th-August 1st, 2024. This program is for Juniors (both boys and girls) ages 10-18 and will run between June and August. Groups will be ability grouped and divided into "beginner", "intermediate", and "advanced" and will practice at least two times per week (2 hour practices).

"Beginner" is designed for boys and girls ages 10-12.  Skills and games focus on: basics of passing, basics of setting, basics of defense, arm swing and approach.

"Intermediate" is designed for boys and girls ages 13-15.  Skills and games focus on: intermediate continuous flow drills of passing, setting, and attacking.  Some basic skills and technique work.  Strategy for using the wind.

"Advanded" is designed for boys and girls ages 15-18 who have a solid volleyball background and good all-around skills.  Groups may be divided into boys/girls based on the number of participants in each gender.  Skills and games focus on: advanced passing, setting, attacking (shots and hard driven), blocking and pulling off the net, defensive strategies, utilizing the wind, and serving strategies.


 Junior's Tournament Dates:

**possible tournament in June**

Sunday, July 7th (Waupaca tournament in Oshkosh, WI)

Saturday, July 13th

Saturday, August 3rd 


***If you need to set up a payment plan for the Junior's Registration fee (instead of paying the $500 all at once), please contact Jared.***

 Please contact us for more details!

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