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"I cannot recommend the experience, training, and care enough with the Midwest Sand Volleyball program.  Jared and his staff are dedicated, knowledgeable, and encouraging with every athlete they train.  Athletees committed to their training show significant growth in their volleyball skills, IQ and confidence.  Director Jared Wales takes the meaning of dedication to an elite level.  This uncommon level of commitment not only provides athletes with a platform for significant volleyball growth, it also establishes a strong and trusting relationship.  Midwest Sand Volleyball offers a positive opportunity to develop and compete and has my highest level of recommendation!"  Jackie Richter, Head Coach at Lakeville North High School and Mizuno Northern Lights Volleyball Club (12/4/23)

"Our daughter participated in Jared's 2's camp this summer, what a fantastic experience!  She enjoyed the challenge of the sand along with Jared sharing his knowledge of how to make "smart" plays.  She came away with much better court awareness and the ability to make scrappy plays.  We believe the program played a big role in her making a high school team two years above her age level.  The best part is that she had so much fun!"   Denise Egner (8/17/23)

"Jared helped me add 2.5 inches to my vertical jump in 6 weeks.  I am an avid volleyball player and fitness fanatic, so I'm NOT coming into this as an untrained individual and getting those quick newbie gains.  I play volleyball 4+ hours per week and am in the gym 2+ hours each week.  I devote time to stretching and increasing my leg strength.  Still, I had basically plateaued at a 28 inch vertical jump.  Jared helped create and put me through a program that over 6 weeks got me up to 30.5 inches.  Each week over the 6 weeks Jared would put me through a workout of 75-90 minutes on Tuesday.  I would repeat that workout on my own on Friday.  The workouts morphed and progressed as we went along.  I am absolutely thrilled with the results!  Jared was great filling the roles of instructor, coach, motivator, and cheerleader in each session.  He also has a naturally curious personality, so if there was something he didn't know (which was rare, but I peppered him with lots of questions-I too am curious) he would seek out the answer."  -Kevin Spinti 1/4/24

"Jared is an approachable and experienced trainer.  He is able to meet players where they are at in skillset, and create drills that are both fun and challenging.  I like that he can provide the logic/reason (the "why") behind the exercises, instead of just instruction on what to do physically.  Having taken up volleyball 15 years ago, I didn't have any previous training or coaching...I appreciate his patience and good nature in helping me address my weaknesses, while creating a comfortable and encouraging space.  I've seen immediate improvement in my confidence and skills during gameplay, and I'm eager to fix/learn more.  Highly recommend!" -Jean Chambers 1/4/24

"There's a reason that Jared shows up at the top of any list when people ask for volleyball training recommendations.  He'll help with whatever you want to work on, with nicely tailored sessions.  Friendly, approachable, glad to answer any random question.  He really cares, and it shows." -Chris Sabotta (11/10/22)

"Highly recommended if you want to get better at volleyball and enjoy the game more!  I've learned so much after training with Jared for 2+ years.  I was pretty new to volleyball when I started with him but now I'm playing beach doubles regularly!  He's very flexible on schedule and great at keeping you motivated.  Thanks Jared!"  -Amit Patel (11/8/22)

"I learned so much and Jared does a great job of really specializing and focusing on what you need to get better at volleyball.  He makes it fun, a great workout and is very knowledgeable and professional.  I'm loving the long-term results of noticing my improved volleyball skills!!  -Becky Myhre (11/9/22)

"Jared helped my husband and I tune up some volleyball skills and he was so helpful.  We both played so much better that week at our game, and it was awesome to see results so fast!  He is patient and made us both feel really comfortable, even when we made mistakes.  I would recommend his services!!"  -Rachel Ester (11/15/21)

"Jared is so knowledgeable and great at communicating that knowledge in ways that make sense and are helpful.  I have been playing volleyball for years and I still learned so much from Jared.  He makes his clients feel comfortable and have fun while still getting a great workout during a productive training session.  I highly recommend Jared!"        -Kayla Harren (11/13/21)

"Great guy, better trainer.  Will push you to be the best version of you.  Wouldn't have anyone else train me, that's the truth."  -Jonathan Norton (11/4/21)

"Jared is very knowledgeable on how to work on and improve volleyball skills.  I learned so much and saw a lot of improvement in my game!  Runs a good tempo practice while also keeping it fun.  Definitely recommend and will continue to train with Jared in the future!" -Melissa Gotsch (10/25/21)

"J flex training is a great way to get lots of coached repetitions in.  The sessions are fun and always a great workout.  Jared has built a good community of players and it's always helpful to train with and around good players."  -Joe Olsen (10/12/2021)

"Jared is personable and focused, tailors workouts and training for you to get the results you're looking for.  The difference make is that he's as committed to your improvements as you are, and figures out how to help you get them.  This is a unique quality that makes training more effective and efficient.  Always a very good use of my time!  Highly recommend."  -Erica Ann (10/11/21)

"Fun and focused training for all ages!  Very personable, designs the training to fit your skill level, answers questions and is goal oriented!  Thank you Jared!"  -Kayleigh Tynen (10/10/21)

"Training with Jared has been a very eye opening experience.  From when we started to where we are now he has continuously helped improve my game at each level I've progressed to.  He knows everything from basic fundamentals to advanced strategies and mechanics.  In our time training he has been able to answer any questions I have and provide drills and training to help round out my skills.  He is also a very skilled player himself and being able to play with and against him on a regular basis has helped solidify exactly what he drills/trains.  It doesn't matter the level you are currently at, he will be able to help improve your game if there's something you really want to do.  He's also a fun guy to be around, well worth the time and money.  Cannot say enough about J Flex Training!"  -Will Iverson (10/9/21)

"I've only been working with Jared for a month but I love working with him!  We're working on improving my vertical and he keeps me super motivated and is so knowledgeable!  So excited to keep working with him!"  -Gabe Dalhoff (10/8/21)

"I have trained with Jared three times now and cannot recommend him enough.  I play volleyball about 2/3 times a week and was at a point where I felt I peaked.  With no actual training in ten years of playing, it was mind-blowing what he was able to teach me.  My skill level easily went from C to BB just from the basic fundamentals he was able to train me on.  He has about 30 balls and access to different height on the net he uses, so multiple reps are used in his training.  He has also worked with my 12 year old son and got him interested in playing as well.  Jared is able to work with any skill level and has knowledge of all aspects of the game.  If you want to step up your game and play at the level you never thought you could, PM Jared and set up an appointment... I'm super glad I did!"  -Mike Wood  (10/8/21)

"Jared has been helping with my sand volleyball training.  He has offered to do 1:1, double, or group sessions.  He always personalizes the training to my needs and whoever is in the group.  He is knowledgeable, encouraging, and fun to play with.  I would recommend him to anyone at any age!"  -Brittany Bell (11/8/22)

"I started working with Jared about a year ago.  Both 1:1 personal training and partner training in volleyball.  Cannot recommend Jared enough.  Very knowledgeable, professional, and overall great to work with.  Never disappointed after a session, and he really tailors to what you want to work on!  Have seen so many improvements with my volleyball and have gotten so many volleyball specific workouts to do outside of sessions.  Jared is a great guy, and so fun to work with! Highly recommend."  -Caitlin Usset (11/10/22)

"A friend told me about Jared, and I'm so happy she did!  I met him in the Spring of 2021 and have done several sessions with him.  I was even lucky enough to play with him!  He has taught me so much about sand Vball!  He is very knowledgeable.  I love taking lessons from him, he explains things so well, and is so patient.  His drills are useful, specific and game-like/tailored to your goals.  He has helped me improve my timing, and my serve receive, along with increasing my Vball IQ.  He never gives up on you; he's so encouraging!  I highly recommend Jared!" -Kiri Phillips (11/19/22)


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